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One of our major core values is our consistent dedication in doing our part by giving back to trusted charities who support critical causes around the world. With every project we complete, we provide charitable options for our clients to choose who we donate to on their behalf. Our team then contributes a portion of our proceeds from the project to the charity our client selects. Therefore, you not only receive the quality services and support we provide, but you will also positively impact crucial situations and lives in need on a global scale. Listed below are some of the trusted charities we work with.

The National Archives Foundation, a 501(c)(3) serves as a partner and fiscal agent for the Situation Room Experience (SRE) at the Reagan Presidential Library, and is dedicated to progressing education to the next generation. In utilizing immersive education tools, students are placed into a modern fictional crisis in our U.S. government. Students learn crisis management, problem-solving, and team collaboration. The Situation Room Experience is centered at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and is free to High School and University programs across the nation. To assist schools, NAF takes in-kind donations dedicated to the SRE, which in turn are used to provide transportation scholarships for schools.


Situation Room Experiences are technically integrated

role-playing crisis simulations. In these high-intensity, collaborative decision making scenarios, information moves quickly and every individual choice has consequences. Because participant input shapes the experience, no simulation is ever the same. High School and University programs are available for students ages 16 - 60+. The Leadership Challenge provides high-level executive event experiences. The Situation Room installations at the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Libraries now offer an exceptional educational opportunity for participants who must work together in this high stakes environment to examine a multitude of critical sources and make important decisions about developing events. Participants form teams who manage, report on, or legislate during fast-paced crisis simulations. This award-winning 21st century educational experience is aligned with national and state standards for high school.

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The MMF helps survivors of sex trafficking, financially underserved youth, and people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles acquire the skills they need to succeed in employment and / or entrepreneurial ventures, by matching them with a mentor. Each client follows a robust curriculum and system while receiving in-person guidance from a career mentor and phone-support from a dedicated case manager. Mentor Matchmaker has four main goals, all of which are achieved through mentorships with successful professionals. This Includes: (1) helping participants acquire knowledge, skills, and the mindset needed for success at work, (2) directly improving participants’ work performance and productivity, (3) helping participants establish viable self-employment ventures, and (4) helping participants acquire and retain employment in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.

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